Gadget Gizmos iPhone 5 SE Wallet Book Case

iPhone 5 SE Book Case
Faux leather book case iPhone 5 SE

Gadget Gizmos presents the first look at the new iPhone 5 SE Wallet Book Case, this case is the perfect case you could have for your iPhone 5 SE.

It features a wallet to keep your cards and cash in, it protects your iPhone 5 SE from those heart stopping drops and bumps.

Make this iPhone 5 SE case your accidental damage cover, save money on those accidental damage covers when you purchase this case, because this will give your iPhone 5 SE ample protection from drops and bumps.

These iPhone 5 SE cases are a fashion accessory in their own right, amazing combined design and functionality make this your perfect solution when it comes to protecting your iPhone 5 SE.

With theft on the rise in these hard recession stricken times, you will be the envy and at some point a target of criminals who see a way of making a quick buck with this amazing smart phone, you have made a investment in a phone which brings you the joy you want from a hand held device, so disguise the phone within this leather wallet case and make sure that doesn’t happen.

We are launching this case at the amazing price of £19.99. For the first time Gadget Gizmos will be allowing the sale of this iPhone 5 SE wallet case worldwide subject to delivery charges.

So order your iPhone 5 SE Wallet Case for £19.99 at

We also have other iPhone X, 8, 6, 6s, 5s, 5 Cases in various designs, colours and styles available in genuine leather.

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